We're a group of like-minded folks creating delightful and effective solutions for clients that want to move the world

Who are we?
Ingrid Damien
What we believe in

Excellence & elegance

Why work on something you're not ready to give 200% to? Our experience has lead us to create work that is aesthetically pleasing. But we don't just do pretty, no, we provide the right solution to the right problem. Strong of an extensive experience worldwide (France, Belgium, UK, US and Australia) and with clients spanning many industries, we offer a versatile perspective to the projects we work on.

Stories well told

People have limited time on their hands these days, which means your brand has to differentiate itself to stand out. How? Well, by telling a compelling story so people can relate to it. We've worked with clients from big corporations through to small businesses or startups, and one thing always remains true: how your brand is perceived makes a world of difference in how easy (or hard) day-to-day business becomes.

Creative thinking

We don't settle—nor do we like—to do the same thing over and over. Sure, we could create something fast, call it a day and move on to the next thing. But that's not who we are or how we do things at Nonzero. We aim to create and stretch ideas to their limits and see what comes out of it. We take risks, we make bold moves and create bespoke work with every project that lands on our desks.

Genuine relationships

We believe the key to success is to provide solutions that are tailored to our clients' needs and fits right into their way of operating. Where do we start? Simple. We work with clients we feel aligned with. Shared interests, beliefs and objectives provide the solid foundations any project needs to run in the best way possible. It's helped us create long-lasting relationships with our clients.